Deerfield Beach Middle School

Principal: Dr. Latori Fulton

Teacher Name: Mr. Bradley        
Class Location: Room 762        

Telephone: (305) 232-2437

Web Page Address:


It is our mission to provide a learning environment that ensures high expectations for all of our scholars through instruction, real-world applications and technology that promotes and fosters knowledge and skill.  Deerfield Beach Middle School will provide all students with high-quality, rigorous and relevant instruction. 



  • We believe all students can learn, and are capable of high achievement.
  • We believe all students should learn in an organized and safe environment.
  • We believe all students learn best in an environment that is engaging and students are actively involved in the learning process.
  • We believe all students should be equipped with 21st Century skills to achieve success in college and career; therefore, all students must be taught to collaborate, think critically, apply knowledge, problem solve, communicate effectively and use technology as a tool for learning.
  • We believe in preparing our students to be innovative thinkers and responsible citizens.
  • We believe that all students should be respected and treated fairly, and celebrated for their success.
  • We believe all students should receive high-quality instruction; therefore, teachers participate in professional development that directly impacts student achievement.
  • We believe that instructional decisions should be based on student data; therefore, teachers will continuously monitor students’ progress through formative assessments.
  • We believe that high expectations must be maintained through a system of accountability for all students and staff.

We believe in cultivating a relationship between students, teachers, administrators, parents and community by fostering open and direct communication and establishing trust and collaboration.


We will provide a nurturing and safe environment where scholars become critical thinkers, problem solvers, lifelong learners, and productive citizens.


The sixth grade standards are arranged into units that will extend their knowledge and understanding of elementary topics into increasingly formalized and applicable skills as they transition into upper grades. The Standards for Mathematical Practice are a key component as they are applied in each course to equip students in making sense of problems and building a set of tools they can use in real-world situations.


In grade 6, the focus is on ratios and proportional relationships, and early algebraic expressions and equations.

Unit I - Number System Fluency  
Unit 2 - Numbers Operations

Unit 3- Proportionality: Ratios and Rates

Unit 4- Equivalent Expressions
Unit 5- Equations and Equalities
Unit 6- Relationships in Geometry
Unit 7- Measurement and Data


Unit 8- The Number System

Unit 9- Ratios and  Proportional Ralationships

We are currently working in Unit 1 - We will need to revisit Natural numbers, Whole numbers, and Integers to assure that transitioning from one set of numbers to the next does not leave any students confused.  As the New permanent Teacher I will need to give Benchmark Test 1 to give an indication of achievement levels then begin 2nd 9 week at a safe pace to complete Curriculum Standards at a reasonable pace.


The framework tasks will represent the level of depth, rigor, and complexity expected of all sixth grade students. These tasks, or tasks of similar depth and rigor, may be used to demonstrate evidence of learning and to promote widening of horizons in thinking Mathematically. 


The school-wide assignment tasks and assigned weights include the following:
Classwork/Participation: 20%  "Do Now" and Interactive Notebook checked 8th week

Tests: 35%
Projects: 20% due 7th week of grading period
​Quizzes: 15%  
Homework: 10% given with "Do Now" starter assignment at the beginning of class

​Grading Policy:

A:  90 – 100%   B:  80 – 89%   C:  70 -79%   D: 60-69%  F: 60 and below


All students are expected to behave in such a way that promotes and encourages learning. Failure to comply with classroom rules or any other standard in this syllabus will result in the following consequences: 

Warning • Teacher/Student Conference • Parent Contact • Teacher/Parent Conference • Referral to counselor • Administrative Referral Students will be student will be handed over for disciplinary actions. 

Disciplinary notations will not impact a student's academic grade but disciplinary problems often indicate that your child is distracted or is unwilling to focus and stay on task. As you may know, Teachers are given a disciplinary system that must be used in order to manage our class rooms so that your child and all students can learn in a safe, secure and well managed environment. 

Without your direct involvement in the behavior of your child your child will be subjected to the remedies of the system. This is not based on a like or dislike. It is merely management of your child's classroom environment. Students will be given treats at times when assignments are completed. 

Students will  be asked to:

1.  Line up outside of class room before entering

2. Remove gum and hoodies before entering classroom

3. Be prepared with pencil and paper.
4. Raise hand before speaking out and getting out of seat

5. Feet in front and off of desk in front

6. When assignment is over check for errors

7. After checking for errors sit quietly or work on project

8. Stay in work group and work quietly on task at hand

9. Sit up in seat at all times

10. Carry out all assignments and follow instructions

11. Pick up paper near desk at dismissal

12. Remain seated until dismissed

13. Eating in class will only be allowed if all assignments are complete

Students' Conduct grade will be based on these rules


Textbook: FLORIDA GO MATH, Grade 6-


Supplies needed: Composition notebook, pencils, glue stick, loose leaf paper, index cards.