World History Class Only


 Textbook:  WORLD HISTORY: Ancient Civilizations, National Geographic Learning, Cengage Learning, FLORIDA 2016


Assessments Tests will be administered on a chapter basis. They may consist of multiple choice, identification, comprehension question & answer, essay, or other. 


Quizzes will be administered intermittently, they may be administered without warning.  They may consist of multiple choice, identification, comprehension question & answer, essay, or other.  


Materials and Supplies: Subject Notebook or Composition Book - designated only for this class Pens Pencils Highlighters Correction Tape (for pens) 


Late Work will be penalized 1/2 point per day.  If it is an excused absence, it must be turned in within 48 hours of excused absence after which 1/2 point per day will also be deducted.  Extraordinary situations will be considered solely at teacher’s discretion. 


Absences and Tardiness:  Some classwork will be part of a group / class activity and as such the student will not be able to make it up.  Excessive unexcused absences are grounds for failure.  


Student must arrive to class on time, tardiness will not be tolerated and corrective action will be taken. 


Academic Dishonesty:   


Students are expected to be honest and ethical in their academic work.  Academic dishonesty is defined as an intentional act of deception in one of the following areas: • Cheating: use or attempted uses of unauthorized materials, information or study aids 

• Fabrication:  falsification or invention of any information • Assisting:  helping another commit an act of academic dishonesty • Tampering:  altering or interfering with evaluation instruments and documents • Plagiarism:  representing the words or ideas of another person as one’s own.   


Classroom Rules: 


Students will  be asked to:

1.  Line up outside of class room before entering

2. Remove gum and hoodies before entering classroom

3. Be prepared with pencil and paper.  

4. Raise hand before speaking out and getting out of seat

5. Feet in front and off of desk in front

6. When assignment is over read ahead in book

7. After reading ahead sit quietly or work on project

8. Stay in work group and work quietly on task at hand

9. Sit up in seat at all times

10. Carry out all assignments and follow instructions

11. Pick up paper near desk at dismissal

12. Remain seated until dismissed

13. Eating in class will only be allowed if all assignments are completed

Students' Conduct grade will be based on these rules


Corrective Actions:   


Failure to comply with classroom rules or any other standard in this syllabus will result in the following consequences: • Warning • Teacher/Student Conference • Parent Contact • Teacher/Parent Conference • Referral to counselor • Administrative Referral