World History Syllabus


Course Description

Course Description: The sixth grade World History curriculum consists of the following content area strands: World History, Geography and Civics. The primary content for this course pertains to the world’s earliest civilizations to the ancient and classical civilizations of Africa, Asia, and Europe. Students will be exposed to the multiple dynamics of world history including economics, geography, politics, and religion/philosophy. Students will study methods of historical inquiry and primary and secondary historical documents.   


Instructional Philosophy: A variety of instructional methods will be used in class: lecture, class discussion, text assessments, projects, and student-centered activities. It is expected and essential that students take comprehensible notes during lectures and class discussions. Students will work independently for creative thinking purposes and in groups to compare and discuss ideas.   


Standards and Expectations: Students are expected to arrive to class on time and to be prepared to actively engage in daily classroom activities.  Disrespect of the teacher and/or classmates will not be tolerated.  Assigned readings and written exercises are to be completed prior to class.  Materials necessary for participation in class are needed at every class.  Completing assignments on time is expected.  It is imperative that the student inquire to all missed material due to an absence.   


Because we will be dealing with personal beliefs as well as facts, it is absolutely essential that students at all times demonstrate respect for the views and opinions of others in the class. Any disrespect for the opinions or statements of others will not be tolerated.   





Grading Scale (4 point scale) A 90-100|  B 80-89  |   C 70-79   |   D 60-69    |   F  0-68